Blender Addon - Vive tracker(Brekel OpenVR Recorder) to Auto rig pro toolkit

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Blender Addon - Vive tracker(Brekel OpenVR Recorder) to Auto rig pro toolkit

9 ratings

A simple tool for baking tracker motion data from Brekel OpenVR Recorder into a humanoid rig based on Blender Auto-Rig Pro.

This is the first Addon I made.

Serpens 3 - I made it using Visual Scripting Addon Creator. The script file used for development is attached, so anyone who wants to use it can customize it at any time.

Auto-Rig Pro - Blender Market

Serpens 3 - Visual Scripting Addon Creator - Blender Market

Brekel OpenVR Recorder - Brekel » Brekel

Installed in the same way as a regular Blender Addon. Version 3.0 or higher is recommended.

The usage is as follows.

Required number of trackers: Head x1 (HMD), Chest x1, Hips x1, Knees x2, Feet x2, Hands x2 (Controller), Elbow x2.

1. Save the FBX file recorded by Brekel OpenVR Recorder.

2. Import the motion FBX file into Blender

3. Add Auto-Rig Pro Humanoid Rig.

4. Align the tracker's position to the humanoid rig

5. Use the "Edit Reference Bone" function to adjust the humanoid Rig's body length to match the tracker (knee, elbow, shoulder, etc.). The more it matches your real body, the better.

6. Select the bone of the rig that matches the tracker.

!Select a bone or tracker, then click the appropriate (Left Hand, Right Foot, etc.) button under Addon in the N-Panel. Be sure to set the bone first.!

1) Select bone -> 2) Select tracker Selecting a tracker automatically adds a constraint to the bone.

(optional) hand bone selection -> Brekel hand selection. (left and right)

7. Play the animation to confirm. Correct the motion of the corresponding tracker in case of jittering or tracking failure.

8. Select Humanoid Rig -> Select All. All bones to which the constraint is applied are selected. -> Bake selected

9. Select Humanoid Rig -> Disable All. All constraints are disabled. Click Enable All to re-enable Constraints.

10. Export after confirming motion. Use by retargeting to the desired character.

Auto-Rig Pro rig setting.

Humanoid rig's limbs must be set to IK. Set "pole parent" to 0 on the IK pole target.(knee, elbow)

"Head Lock" of the head bone is set to 0.

In order to avoid the problem of 'popping' of the IK of the limbs, it is recommended to use the 'soft ik' function of Autirig-pro.

Floor contact is a tool that automatically adds a constraint that prevents the Rig's toes and feet from penetrating the ground.

1. Click Import FloorContact Rig. Adjusted FloorContact_Rig to fit humanoid Rig's feet. (heel, toe joint, tip of toe)

If you click Disable Limit, you can adjust the bone position of FloorContact_Rig. After adjustment, click Enable Limit. If you click Disable Floor_Offset, you can adjust the height of the bone of FloorContact_Rig. When finished, click Enable Floor_Offset.

2. Select the imported floor -> click Set Floor

3. Unhide Rig's Deformation version.

4. After selecting the foot IK bone, foot, and toe bones respectively, click the Addon button to set.

5. Play the animation to make sure Rig's feet and toes don't pierce the floor.

For more accurate ground contact, I recommend watching this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXHW8nAURms

I want this!

Addon install file(ZIP), Serpens 3 script file


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